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Bath Fizzers

Bath bombs, fizzers, fizzys, whizzers... call them what you will but people like these entertaining bathtime treats. Made from good quality sea salt and epsom salts and generously scented with our essential oil blends, these are a luxurious and relaxing addition to any bath but with the added fun that they go off with a bit more flamboyance than a table spoon of bath salts.

These are individually hand-made using a manual press in our little soap factory so don't expect a pristine and perfect shape every time... they may be a bit uneven or cracked round the edges. However, they are not really meant to be decorative and we aim for satisfaction every time when deployed; they do not fall apart or crumble and each approx 80g ball will fizz for about two minutes.


fizzblue.jpg Moody Blue Bath Fizzer

Our popular and relaxing Moody Blue blend of essential oils in a compact, easily dispensed form for a soothing bath or to encourage the kids. About 80g. Just add to water.

1 fizzer, £3.00 View details
fizzstclem.jpg St Clements Bath Fizzer

If you haven't the time to fill your bath with actual slices of oranges and lemons, throw in one of our St Clements bath fizzers and stand well back for pretty much the same effect. Approxmately 80g of fun and generously scented with essential oils.

1 fizzer, £3.00 View details
fizzlav.jpg Lavender Bath Fizzer

De-stress with a lavender-scented bath by popping this fizz in as you run it. Keep out of reach of children and grand children though... but only because they'll want a go and won't leave one for you.

1 fizzer, £3.00 View details
fizzcedar.jpg Cedar & Lemon Bath Fizzer

Invigorate your bathtime with a cedar and lemon-scented bath fizzer. As it whizzes around the tub it will tint the water a delicate green colour and make your bathroom smell marvellous. Keep out of reach of children and grand children though... but only because they'll want a go and won't leave one for you.

1 fizzer, £3.00 View details
fizzcard.jpg Cardamom & Orange Bath Fizzer

Go all Moroccan with our exotic Cardamom & Orange bath fizzer. Conjure up souks and deserts and the mysterious east with this delicious treat. 80g of fizz to make your bath time just that bit more exciting!

1 fizzer, £3.00 View details
fizzgrape.jpg Grapefruit & Frankincense Bath Fizzer

Fresh, but somehow exotic – that's what our Grapefruit and Frankincense blend has been described as! These fizzy treats are designed to complement our Evening Primrose soaps and are just the thing after a long day. These bath fizzers are uncoloured.

1 fizzer, £3.00 View details
fizzsilk.jpg Sheer Silk Bath Fizzer

Our deliciously feminine Sheer Silk blend of essential oils goes into our bath fizzers too. Lock the door, run your bath, light a candle or two, pour a libation of your choice, pop one of these in the tub, lie back and relax...

1 fizzer, £3.00 View details

Selected products



Put an end to hands with ingrained dirt from the garden. This luxury soap is made with cornmeal to give a fine scrubbing action which will clean your hands beautifully. Glycerin (found in all our soaps), shea butter, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil contribute their moisturising properties, and the bar is beautifully scented with patchouli, litsea cubeba and lemongrass.


Lavender Plus


A beautiful soap - and a perennial best-seller. Made with a mix of oils including apricot kernel oil and shea butter, the addition of essential oil of lavender plus finely powdered lavender flowers makes this a gentle exfoliating soap designed to leave skin cleansed and soothed.


Honey, Lemon & Oatmeal


An exfoliating soap designed to gently remove debris from the skin's surface. Honey is added for its moisturising and anti-bacterial effect and its skin-soothing benefits. Scented with essential oils of lemongrass, litsea cubeba and a touch of cedarwood to 'anchor' the lemon scent.