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Large box of bits

Large box of bits A box of large-sized assorted handmade soap off-cuts weighing approx 550g.

These are the leftovers from trimming up our big blocks of soap prior to cutting up into normal size bars. These leftovers have long been popular with visitors to our shop as a way of getting a bag full of the finest handmade soaps at a bargain price... they don't look as nice as the real thing but they do the job. (Alternatively you could use them to scent your undies! That's what many people use them for... apparently!)

Please note that the box is the same size (and weight) as our other boxes of bits... it just has fewer bigger pieces in!

As this box contains assorted off-cuts, the ingredients may be any of those listed for our other hand-made soaps.

We're sorry but this product is presently out of stock

£7.50  1 box