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Small box of bits

Small box of bits A box of small-sized assorted handmade soap off-cuts weighing approx 650g.

These off-cuts are what's left after we have cut and trimmed our normal handmade soap bars. There's nothing wrong with them and they're still luxurious hand-made soap, just in roughly sliced un-even and assorted small pieces.

This size in particular is ideal for when you're travelling, camping or engaged in outdoor activities... chuck a couple of small pieces in your handbag (or washbag, rucksack or whatever), use when you need and throw away. If you're climbing or hiking up a mountain, why carry all the weight of a full-size soap bar? Also ideal if you need a pile of soap for mucky youngsters at camp...

Because this is a mixed box of bits, you will have to take pot-luck at the contents. However it will be a well-mixed box (not just loads of one or two soaps). And all together they smell divine!

As this box contains assorted off-cuts, the ingredients may be any of those listed for our other hand-made soaps.

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£10.00  1 box