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Guest soaps

Our small-size handmade soap bars are ideal for guests. They are just the right size to have at home on the sink in the downstairs cloakroom or in the en-suite of your guest bedroom or as a convenient size to take with you when you travel.

Beez Kneez guest soap, approx 50g
Beez Kneez

A delicious blend of oils with a touch of beeswax and honey to make a beautiful, smooth, luxurious soap. Scented with a spicy blend of cinnamon, clove bud, geranium, nutmeg and West Indian bay essential oils.

50g bar £2.15
Calendula guest soap, approx 50g

Emollient oils are combined with pure vegetable oils to make this soap beautifully mild. There are dried calendula petals scattered throughout each bar. Scented with essential oils of mandarin, tagetes, lavender and chamomile.

50g bar £2.15
Cardamom and Orange guest soap, approx 50g
Cardamom and Orange

A lovely, exotically scented soap – conjuring souks in Morocco and Turkish coffee! This is all due to the cardamom in this soap – a beautiful essential oil, especially when mixed with orange, as we've done here.

50g bar £2.15
Cedar & Lemon guest soap, approx 50g
Cedar & Lemon

A lovely green bar, designed to appeal to men and women alike. Avocado oil has been included for its wonderful skin-benefiting properties. Cleanly scented with essential oils of lemongrass, litsea cubeba and cedarwood.

50g bar £2.15
Energise guest soap, approx 50g

Wake up to the energising scents of peppermint, eucalyptus, lavender and geranium! This is a beautiful soap, scattered with calendula petals and made with rich, moisturising oils of sweet almond oil, apricot kernel oil and shea butter.

50g bar £2.15
Evening Primrose guest soap, approx 50g
Evening Primrose

A beautiful soap - emollient and gentle. Evening primrose oil, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil all play a part in the feel of this lovely soap. Scented with essential oils of frankincense, sweet orange and grapefruit.

50g bar £2.15
Gardener's guest soap, approx 50g

Put an end to hands with ingrained dirt from the garden. This luxury soap is made with cornmeal to give a fine scrubbing action which will clean your hands beautifully. Glycerin (found in all our soaps), shea butter, sweet almond oil and apricot kernel oil contribute their moisturising properties, and the bar is beautifully scented with patchouli, litsea cubeba and lemongrass.

50g bar £2.15
Hemp guest soap, approx 50g

Hemp oil is a gift to soap makers, containing as it does essential fatty acids, vitamins and enzymes that are easily absorbed by the skin. This wonderful oil, pressed from the seed of the Cannabis sativa plant (though containing no THC at all!) has been added to this lovely, rich, moisturising soap.

NB This soap is palm oil-free

50g bar £2.15
Honey, Lemon & Oatmeal guest soap, approx 50g
Honey, Lemon & Oatmeal

An exfoliating soap designed to gently remove debris from the skin's surface. Honey is added for its moisturising and anti-bacterial effect and its skin-soothing benefits. Scented with essential oils of lemongrass, litsea cubeba and a touch of cedarwood to 'anchor' the lemon scent.

50g bar £2.15
JustSoap guest soap, approx 50g

The plainest and simplest soap we make. It is just soap - no colours or scents of any sort, though it is made with our usual care and is packed with lots of lovely moisturising oils. This soap is suitable for even the most sensitive skins. If all you want is just soap, then try JustSoap!

NB This soap is palm oil-free

50g bar £2.15
Lavender Plus guest soap, approx 50g
Lavender Plus

A beautiful soap - and a perennial best-seller. Made with a mix of oils including apricot kernel oil and shea butter, the addition of essential oil of lavender plus finely powdered lavender flowers makes this a gentle exfoliating soap designed to leave skin cleansed and soothed.

50g bar £2.15
Milk Spice guest soap, approx 50g
Milk Spice

Goat's milk has wonderful moisturising properties and makes a superior, creamy bar of soap. We add shea butter which is gentle and has superb skin-nourishing abilities. Sweet orange, clove bud, cinnamon leaf, nutmeg and cardamom essential oils are added for their delicious spicy scent.

50g bar £2.15
Mint Swirl guest soap, approx 50g
Mint Swirl

Guaranteed to give you a blissful shock in the morning, there’s nothing like a shower with our Mint Swirl soap to wake you up! But you’ve been warned – watch out for the tingle!

50g bar £2.15
Moody Blue guest soap, approx 50g
Moody Blue

A beautiful soap! The colour is aqua blue, with small chunks of white scattered through it. The scent is wonderfully fresh - lavender, juniper needle and lemongrass essential oils combine to evoke a Mediterranean atmosphere. Lie back and enjoy!

50g bar £2.15
Rosemary guest soap, approx 50g

A lovely, old fashioned soap, scented with essential oil of rosemary, with the addition of finely ground rosemary leaves for gentle exfoliation. Avocado oil is added to soothe the skin.

NB This soap is palm oil-free

50g bar £2.15
Sea guest soap, approx 50g
Sea Soap

A soap to mark our geographical location! Scented with rosemary, cedarwood, black pepper, geranium and patchouli essential oils to evoke memories of a day by the sea, it is coloured a beautiful sea green and has flecks of seaweed scattered throughout.

50g bar £2.15
Sheer Silk guest soap, approx 50g
Sheer Silk

A very special soap! Made to a luxurious recipe, this soap is scented with beautiful feminine scents of geranium, lavender and chamomile essential oils, with the added benefits of real silk in every bar!

50g bar £2.15
St Clements guest soap, approx 50g
St Clements

A lovely citrus scent (made up of a blend of nine essential oils) and the addition of shea butter and apricot kernel oil makes this soap a pleasure to use.

50g bar £2.15
White Lavender guest soap, approx 50g
White Lavender

A gentle, traditional castile soap, made with 45% olive oil. It is beautifully mild to use and gentle enough for baby skin too. Uncoloured and scented with lavender essential oil.

NB This soap is palm oil-free

50g bar £2.15

Selected products

Grapefruit & Frankincense Foam Bath

Grapefruit & Frankincense foam bath, 200ml

A light, gently foaming bubble bath that will wash you without drying your skin. Scented with our own delicious blend of frankincense and grapefruit essential oils to complement our Evening Primrose soap.


Beez Kneez Conditioner

Beez Kneez conditioner, 200ml

Use this light, non-greasy conditioner to de-tangle and condition all hair types. Made with organic coconut oil and scented with our own delicious blend of cinnamon, clove bud, geranium, nutmeg and West Indian bay essential oils to complement our Beez Kneez soap. 


Beez Kneez Shampoo

Beez Kneez shampoo, 200ml

A gentle shampoo that cleans your hair! Scented with cinnamon, clove bud, geranium, nutmeg and West Indian bay essential oils to complement our Beez Kneez soap.


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